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Referred Papers in 2023

A. Schütz, T. Bechtold, Model Order Reduction of Microactuators: Theory and Application. Actuators, 06/2023. Link

M. C. Wapler, C. Peter, K. Kanjilal, U. Wallrabe, A Miniaturized Piezo Stack Impact Actuation Mechanism for Out-of-Plane Freely Moveable Masses. Micromachines, 06/2023. Link

J. Hubertus, S. Croce, J. Neu, S. Seelecke, G. Rizzello, G. Schultes, Laser Structuring of Thin Metal Films of Compliant Electrodes on Dielectric Elastomers. Advanced Functional Materials, 02/2023. Link

G. Arivanandhan, Z. Li, S.M. Curtis, L. Hanke, E. Quandt, M. Kohl, Power Optimization of TiNiHf/Si Shape Memory Microactuators. Actuators, 02/2023. Link

E. R. Mamleyev, C. H. Lee, J. G. Korvink, M. Kohl, K. V. Poletkin, Experimental Study and Simulation of Pull-In Behavior in Hybrid Levitation Microactuator for Square-Shaped Proof Masses. Actuators, 01/2023. Link

Conference Papers in 2023

A. Schütz, T. Bechtold, Matrix Interpolation-Based Parametric Model Order Reduction of Electromagnetic Systems with Translational Movement. EuroSimE 2023; 24th International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems, 04/2023. Link